Hi everyone !

As you may know we have launched our new brand on wishtrend.com : JUNGLE BOTANICS !


We have selected 50 affiliates to try and review the products. Unfortunately (or fortunatly for you hahaha) not all of those affiliates did reply to the offer and there is still some spot left !!

If you really want to try and review the product please fill this application. We will review every application and will send you an email shortly to inform you if your application has been accepted or not.

PLEASE note that this offer is for AFFILATES only and to REVIEW the product on a blog or a video post. The review have to be written not more than 2 weeks after receiving the product.

When writting a review please ALWAYS make sure to use your affiliate code when you link wishtrend products.

If you have any question please contact us at affiliate@wishcompany.net


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