[SOL-KIT] Moist Glow Kit (Skin Brightening / All Skin)


Hello Affiliates! Today I wanted to intoduce you our SOL-KIT section on wishtrend.com SOL-KIT means Solution Kit ! It is a wishtrend exclusive kit which offer a solution for your skin’s problem. The one that i want to show you is the Skin brightenning Moist glow kit for all skin types. This one, is good […]

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Promoting your affiliate link on beauty communites


Hello Affiliates, Today i am here to give you another tip to promote your affiliate link. Writing a comment or publishing an article on a beauty community could boost your affiliate sales! Now, you got to be very careful about what you write, and the frequency of your post. In fact, many beauty communities can ban people […]

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Promote kit and gift set to earn more commission


Hello Gurus and Geeks! Today I am here to give you another tip! For some of our affiliates, it could be a little bit frustrating promoting and earning commission at the beginning. But it is usually because the link promoted don’t appeal to everyone. In fact, who doesn’t loves a good deal when buying stuff on internet […]

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