Jude of Fiftyshadesofsnail is our affiliate of the month of March 2016! Jude has shown us in the past month his efforts on the program with her success in sales. We asked her if she could share some tips and info with her fellow affiliates. Read bellow to see how Jude grew so quickly!

Q. How did it feel receiving your first commission?

A. Surprising! I was never really sure whether people could actually make money from blogs. It’s something that I heard about but never fully believed. I definitely didn’t believe that my blog could earn commissions.

Q.  Did you find it hard generating your first sale?

A. Actually, I didn’t really think about it much or have any expectations. It wasn’t any harder than writing a blog post without affiliate links—but then again, writing a blog post is pretty hard already!

Q.  What was your strategy used to start earning more Clicks and Sales?

A.  I actually don’t have a sales strategy. Sales and income aren’t goals of my blog. Instead, my sales and income have grown organically along with my blog’s audience and traffic. My blogging goals are to reach as many people as possible, to get them interested in K-beauty or to share with them things that I’ve learned about products and skincare, and to help my audience make the right purchasing decisions for themselves by providing honest opinions and blog posts that have real value for readers. I just do my best to write quality blog posts. With every post, I ask myself, “How would this post benefit the reader? What can I do to make it more helpful?” And I add affiliate links where they’re appropriate, where I can confidently recommend that people use the links to make their purchases. I think people who read my blog understand that the thing I really care about is giving them honest and useful information. Because I’ve worked hard to earn readers’ trust, they are willing to trust my recommendations and use my affiliate links when they plan to make a purchase. Writing quality blog posts also helps my traffic and audience to continue growing, and of course when my audience grows, so do the chances that some of those readers will want to buy a product and use my links.

Q.  How would you rate the Wishtrend affiliate program compared to others?

A. I don’t have much to compare it to because I only participate in a couple other affiliate programs, but I will say that once I understood how to generate Wishtrend affiliate links, I did start to find it really easy to use! Some other programs make generating links or even finding information really complicated. I appreciate being able to make a link quickly and move on when I need to.

Q. Did you expect to see growth in the program?

A.     Yes, because with affiliate commissions, there’s a snowball effect of sales. Every new post has a chance of generating sales, and at the same time, every previous post that contains affiliate links is still active and able to earn commissions too. Maintaining growth just requires me to continue working hard on my blog the way I have been.

Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. Blogging about skincare and Asian cosmetics, of course! I also love working with my blogger friends on the Snailcast (http://www.thesnailcast.com), our podcast about K-beauty in the U.S. market!

Q. What is your tip to other affiliates?

A.  Don’t get so caught up in making sales that you let your blog’s quality or honesty decline. Readers are very smart and can quickly pick up on greed or dishonesty, which nobody likes to support. Work hard on writing original, high quality blog posts and strengthening your voice and connection with your readers. The most successful bloggers are the ones who give their readers something that no other blogger can. That’s what keeps readers coming back, and of course the more readers you have, the more sales you will end up making. And take some time to make sure that all your posts have up-to-date affiliate links wherever they should be used, even older posts. You never know what product somebody is looking for, so be ready!

Q. Your thoughts on the affiliate program and staff?

A.  Wishtrend’s affiliate program staff are helpful and encouraging. I had some issues in the beginning with generating my links, but Marie Anne was super patient and taught me how to do it right, finally. Affiliates who aren’t sure whether they’re doing something right or who don’t know what steps they could take to improve their success should reach out to the staff for help!


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