Juvy of Plumpcheeks is our affiliate of the month of August 2016! Juvy has shown us in the past month her efforts on the program with her success in sales. We asked her if she could share some tips and info with her fellow affiliates. Read bellow to see how she grew so quickly!

Q. How did it feel receiving your first commission?

A.I felt very happy and surprised because I didn’t really expect that I will be able to convince someone to try Korean products through Wishtrend. I also felt so proud that I am able to share my good experience with Wishtrend.  

Q.  Did you find it hard generating your first sale?

A.   I did not really do hard-selling to anyone. I just reviewed the products that I got and shared my online experience when ordering from the website. 

Q.  What was your strategy used to start earning more Clicks and Sales?

A.   I always share the coupon codes every month. It helps keep them informed and know the latest products offered as well.

Q.  How would you rate the Wishtrend affiliate program compared to others?

A. I like that I always receive notifications when I get a commission and it is very detailed. I feel assured that I am getting what I really earned. I am excited to get my very first paycheck! 

Q. Did you expect to see growth in the program?

A.  Yes! It has grown since I joined, and I am looking forward to more improvements.

Q. What is your favorite hobby?

A. My hobbies are blogging about beauty and skincare products. I also love traveling to different countries, and I love watching movies!

Q. What is your tip to other affiliates?

A.   Always share the latest coupon codes to your blog, and always be honest with the reviews. It is also best to share some tips about buying from Wishtrend and share all the good products it sells.

Q. Your thoughts on the affiliate program and staff?

A. I always feel that I am working with a friend. Thank you for being warm and friendly! I hope for your continued growth and success!


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