Hello everyone!

Today I am introducing you the new Klair’s Mochi BB cushion ! Klair’s teamed up with BETWEEN’s signature Mochi charater and bring you the cutest cushion !!

It has been very popular in the past days/weeks on social medias in Korea but also around the world !!mochicushion





The Klairs Mochi bb cushion come in one color. It is a very natural coverage and natural finish ! Ideal for everyday makeup !

How to use :

1) After your basic skin care routine, use the included puff and gently pat onto the face, starting from the center and moving towards the outer corners of the face.
2) Because the Mochi BB Cushion has 40 SPF, it’s excellent as a sun block or when fixing makeup!


Here is a video where Kasper is showing you 3 different ways to use a BB cushion :

Please feel free to use this video to promote your affiliate link so that you generate lots of commission !





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