Hi Guys !

Finally it’s here ! Summer is here and lots of you go on vacation and to the beach.. but do you put sun cream on? Remember, UV are causing the skin to age faster, and actually even if you stay inside or it’s not particularly sunny outside, I still suggest you to put sun cream on everyday. Trust me you will thanks me later 🙂 Here is the Klair’s Mid day Blue sun lotion, i am using it right now and i want to say, it is very good!!

With the SPF40/PA++ It protect the skin well and keep it moisturized.-klairs-mid-day-blue-sun-lotion-spf40pa

So, like the midnight blue calming cream, it’s BLUE ! Guaiazulene, which is a key ingredient, gives it the characteristic blue color !

Plus, for people who have redness this is perfect ! I feel you can see better if you applied the cream well or not and it cover (at least for me) the redness. This sun cream is very soothing and keep the moisture in your skin during the day !1middday

HEY MEN! haha yes! Men can use it ! This is a product for every type of skin!

Very sensitive skin who needs high SPF can use it as a daily sun cream.

You don’t need to aply a lot, just make sure if you are outdoor in the sun that you re-apply once in 2-3hours.

This product is made in Korea, all skin types, 50ml, available here.

If you have any question please feel free to ask at affiliate@wishcompany.net


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