Some important facts to know before becoming a Wishtrend Affiliate.

The Wishtrend Affiliate program is run through affiliate marketing strategies. Affiliate marketing can be described as a performance based marketing strategy where the affiliate promotes product through their own networks and devices, thus receiving compensation on each sale generated. This type of marketing strategy has seen exponential growth in the past couple decades. Affiliate marketing can also be referred to as a form of word-of-mouth marketing. This type of marketing operates just how it sounds, by person-to-person recommendation of products based off of personal opinions and experiences. Wishtrend bases it’s affiliate program on the amount of sales generated by the individual affiliate. Each affiliate is compensated on a pay-per-sale method with a 4%-10% commission on sales generated through the affiliates personalized link.

Once your application to the Wishtrend Affiliate program is accepted, you will be able to login to the affiliate system and receive your own unique customizable link that corresponds with the Wishtrend website. This affiliate link is very important since it is the main component for optimizing sales. With this link, you will be able to track and monitor your efforts through the affiliate system. When you post this link on your networks such as your blog, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., those who click it will be redirected to the Wishtrend website. From there on, the viewer can browse the website and choose whether to purchase an item or multiple items. If a sale is made during this visit, you will be compensated a percentage from the total sale price of the product bought. This link can also be reconstructed to work with any other brand/product pages at Wishtrend.com, so you can deep-link directly to a certain product you are talking about!

The amount of commission made completely depends on your role as an affiliate, how you choose to operate as an affiliate and how you choose to promote Wishtrend products. Whether it is through product sharing, website banner advertisement, individual product review or giveaway, it is up to the affiliate to decide which marketing strategy works best for their viewers.

The Wishtrend Affiliate program is a great tool for bloggers and Youtubers to use and is very easy to work with. With our easy to use affiliate interface, you have the freedom to easily view and track all your efforts and know where your efforts are seeing the most return. There are no requirements or restrictions as an affiliate. You have the freedom to put as much into the program as you are comfortable with. Everything is up to you! Of course, the more effort you put into the program, the more opportunities you will have to earn commissions. It all depends on how much word you put out! And in return for your work, we are more then happy to thank you with monthly commissions, bonuses and chances for giveaways! You are our sales team after all!


When you apply to the affiliate program, you will not be able to access and login your account directly. This is because our team will be reviewing your application, and this process could take a few days to complete. Within one week, you will receive an acceptance/decline email.

You can apply to the Affiliate program if you have the following: an active Blog or Youtube channel with sufficient readers/viewers, or community. If you have other social medias (Instagram Facebook, Twitter..) please make sure you put all your link(s) when applying to become an affiliate.


Before signing up to Wishtrend’s Affiliate system, please make sure to take your time to read the terms and conditions. In order to join the program, you have to approve the terms and conditions.

Sign Up

Go to: http://wishtrend.postaffiliatepro.com/affiliates/login.php#login
Once the page is loaded, click Sign up that is located on the upper right corner.

Sign Up Information Details

The picture above shows the page that will show up on your screen. Fill in ALL the required information on that page. (This is very important, because your application will be reviewed by our team and will be manually approved or declined)

After signing up, you will be redirected to the main affiliate page. As we mentioned earlier, you will not be able to login to the system yet.

Our team will review your application and this step could take up to a few days, but we ask for your patience on this matter. Once the review process is completed, you will receive an acceptance/decline email within one week.


To get you started, it is important for you to understand some basic affiliate terminology that you will often see as an affiliate.

Below we categorized the most common terms that will appear in affiliate information such as here on the blog, in newsletters, in the affiliate system, and on websites about affiliate marketing.

List of Common Affiliate Terminology

Affiliate | An independent marketer who promotes a business and is paid on a performance basis.
Affiliate Link | A text link embedded with an affiliates’ unique tracking code. Wishtrend’s affiliate codes are in the format of: http://www.wishtrend.com?a_aid=xxxxxx
Referral ID | The number or letters at the end of your unique Affiliate Link, ex. =xxxxxx . This can be changed at anytime in your affiliate settings, but it is recommended you only change it once to customize it when you first become an affiliate.
Commission Table | A chart in the affiliate system that displays your total number of commissions earned from sales.
Conversion Rate | The ratio of sales to the total number of clicks received. You can learn how to calculate your conversion rate here.
Deep-Link | An affiliate link that directs to a certain product instead of the homepage. You can learn more about deep-linking here.
Pay-Per-Sale | The payment method used by the Wishtrend’s Affiliate program. Affiliates receive 4%-10% off of every sale generated through their link. Learn more about it here.
Sub-Affiliate | A client who becomes a new affiliate through your affiliate link.
Terms and Conditions | Rules and regulations by law that the affiliate must agree to before becoming and remaining a Wishtrend Affiliate. It is important to know your rights, click here to learn the Terms and Conditions.



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